Hard Work, Expertise, and Honesty. While there are many attributes that I believe it takes to be a good real estate agent, I hold these as the cornerstones of my career. Hard work- We all know that success is not handed to us, it requires work and dedication. I was given the opportunity to work alongside my father for 6 years following college. I truly believe my father has an unparalleled work ethic and I am proud that he instilled that work ethic in me. Expertise- We can all agree that a lot has changed over the past 30 years in our culture. Our lives have changed with the introduction of technology as we depend so heavily on our devices day to day. The same can be said for real estate. I don't believe it takes 30 years of experience selling homes to be an expert. I believe it takes the willingness to understand the market, know the inventory, and to have the knowledge your clients need to make sound investments based on facts, forecasts, and historical trends. Honesty- Very simple. Without honesty and trust, no foundation can be built.

I am a local market expert for Avalon, Stone Harbor, and the surrounding area for primary and secondary homes with emphasis on investments. With so many options to prepare for tomorrow, nothing is more rewarding than a tangible investment at the shore that can be enjoyed with family and friends all while building equity and generating income. My passion for finance and investments, the work ethic my father instilled, and my love for sun and sand have culminated into the most rewarding career I could ask for.

Whether  booking your family vacation or buying and selling at the shore, I would be honored for the opportunity and always look forward to building new relationships. 

Thank you for exploring the shore with me and I look forward to any opportunities you allow me to take part in.